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J7creative :: Visual Design & Illustration


J7creative :: Visual Design & Illustration



Joshua H. Jacobs

Professional Mouse Clicker 

Look at that face. Aren’t I the cutest?

Growing up in Los Angeles, I have been inspired by art as long as I can remember. As a child I would notice logos and signage of local businesses, the way magazines were laid out, the street art on buildings and everything in between. I am fascinated by the endless possibilities of art so I became a graphic designer. In between my last two jobs, I went back to school to learn additional web and multi-media skills to stay relevant. I love what I do and am always looking forward to new challenges.

J7creative :: Visual Design & Illustration

Below are two resumes to read through. The first is an info-graphic and the second is a more traditional format. Care for a third? Just ask!

Jacobs resume infographic-01

Jacobs Resume 2013

J7creative :: Visual Design & Illustration

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J7creative :: Visual Design & Illustration


Work ethic and attention to detail, mixed with a powerful skill set is what makes me a successful team-player for any organization. Having a strong passion for the arts, I am always looking to further my knowledge and my abilities to learn as much as possible. Creativity can come in waves, but hard work, dedication and the right person at the helm will bring a design ship ashore every time. I am a true problem solver. I thrive under pressure and as a designer, I am no stranger to a wide range of emergencies. This is where my calm sets in which allows the situation to be carefully analyzed and fixed.

J7creative :: Visual Design & Illustration


San Diego California