Hi I am Josh  Jacobs, A seasoned Creative Director and Graphic Designer with over 20 years experience of crafting compelling commercial brands. For just over a decade, I have been a trailblazer in the realm of cannabis design and marketing, collaborating with prestigious clients including Coca-Cola, Marriott, Carl's Jr., 710 Labs, Sparc, CannaCraft, Grateful Dead, Woodstock Heritage and more. My passion lies in the art of packaging, and my original creations sit on the shelves over 500 dispensaries nationwide.
With a keen eye for design and a deep-rooted obsession with packaging, I specialize in curating captivating brands that effortlessly cut through the noise of the bustling market. My expertise lies in developing distinctive identities, innovative packaging, and engaging social strategies that seamlessly connect with today's discerning and forward-thinking consumers. Every project is an opportunity to leave an indelible mark in an ever-evolving industry, and I thrive on the challenge of elevating brands to their highest potential.
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